My primary research focus is contemporary art music in Indonesia, there called musik kontemporer. In addition to my dissertation, completed in 2014 for the PhD in ethnomusicology at Wesleyan University, I have given numerous conference papers on this topic, and published a chapter in a volume on Performing Arts in Postmodern Bali. I also convened a symposium on New Music in Southeast Asia, in conjunction with a performance by the Momenta Quartet.

I am also interested in how traditional Javanese gamelan music shapes one’s perception of the passage of time. I initially explored this topic for my MA thesis, also completed at Wesleyan, and am currently returning to it. Other publications and presentations include a reflection on composing for gamelan in North America, a review of recordings of Javanese gamelan by John Noise Manis, and a paper on the “radical traditionalism” of Liu Sola and Yuji Takahashi.